Essential Oils - Aromatherapeutic properties

Camomile Oil

Soothing anti-inflammatory
Has been shown to reduce inflammation of mucous membranes and to help to calm the respiratory tract1.

Clove Leaf Oil

Inhibits allergic responses

Shown in some studies to inhibit allergic responses, reduce inflammation and histamine response.2


Lavender Oil

Natural antihistamine

Shown in studies to be a natural antihistamine inhibiting production of histamine and suppressing inflammatory responses in the airways.3

Eucalyptus Oil

Natural decongestant

A powerful decongestant and natural expectorant which reduces nasal congestion and aids clear, easy breathing.4 & 5


Lemon Oil

Natural anti-inflammatory

Reduces nasal mucous and throat inflammation and shown in studies to be a good alternative to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis.6



Shown in studies to have anti-inflammatory properties.7


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