Which essential oils we use & why

Nature is powerful

Since 2019, we’ve been using essential oils to make targeted
functional fragrances to help with everyday health concerns. Our products smell good and help you feel good.

Every one of our ingredients must be recognised for its use in centuries-old traditional remedies and have good scientific evidence to support its effectiveness.

Once our ingredients make it into one of our development formulations, they are independently tested by the
University of Lincoln, followed by user trials with our own customer panel before being approved for use.

Does Breaze work?

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Discover the ingredients in our hay fever support blend.

Traditionally used as a natural antihistamine and to treat inflammation. Shown in studies to help suppress allergic airway inflammation [1]

Traditionally used for its decongestant properties and to treat respiratory problems. Studies have shown that Eugenol, a key component of Clove
Leaf Oil, can reduce inflammation and inhibit histamine and allergic
response [5]

Traditionally used to calm hay fever and as an anti-inflammatory. Shown in studies to help reduce histamine levels vs pharmaceutical control [2]

Used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat inflammation and congestion of the upper respiratory tract. Shown in studies to help keep respiratory passages open and improve breathing capacity [4]

Traditionally used to boost the immune system making it an important essential oil for allergies. Shown in studies to inhibit inflammation [3]


Historically used in traditional medicine to treat coughs,
colds and flu and to improve immune function. Modern scientific reviews
indicate promising anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties [6]

Gurjan Balsam

Traditionally used in Ayervedic medicine, Gurjan Balsam is
believed to support the immune
system and to help with chest and throat problems[7]

Litsea Cubeba

With a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine,
Litsea Cubeba has been shown in studies to have anti-inflammatory properties

Thyme Oil

Traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory and shown in studies to demonstrate
anti-inflammatory properties [10]

Discover what's inside our NEW Sleep Blend

Calming on the mind, its anti-anxiety properties ease an overactive mind.

Shown in studies to have an antispasmodic action on smooth muscle some relaxant properties in the human brain [6]

Cedarwood oil is rich in a compound called cedrol.

In studies, cedrol
improved sleep quality in both young, healthy adults and older adults with dementia. Cedarwood oil, may increase total sleep time and reduce early morning awakenings [13]

Another study focused on women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s living in Japan, Norway, and Thailand  Cedrol had a
sedative effect across all age groups [14]

A common ingredient in licensed herbal insomnia medicines, Valerian essential oil has a long history of use in aromatherapy for its sedative, calming properties. Modern studies support its potent sedative effect [11]

This sweet, floral essential
oil has a soothing aroma and is used to reduce anxiety.

Studies on Ylang-ylang
essential oil, indicated increased calmness and slowed reaction times which may make it helpful in the lead-up to sleep [15]

Widely recognised for centuries for its calming, relaxing effects, studies show that inhalation of lavender essential oil increases relaxation and improves sleep & mood via an effect on the autonomic nervous system [6]


Long valued in aromatherapy for its ability to calm and
reduce anxiety, modern scientific studies have demonstrated a calming sedative effect
on the brain [12]

Sweet Orange Oil

Traditionally used in aromatherapy for its calming, soothing
effects, Sweet Orange oil has been shown in a number of controlled studies to
recue anxiety[6]


Recognised in traditional medicine as having calming relaxing properties, a randomised controlled trial found that inhaling geranium
essential oil reduced anxiety and induced calmness during the first stages of labour for expectant mums [6]

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