Your Questions

Are Breaze products medicines?

No, Breaze products are not licensed medicines. They are based on a carefully formulated blend of 10 natural essential oils known for their therapeutic properties. In user trials, 80% of people said that Breaze helped them during the hay fever season and when exposed to other airborne allergens like pets and dust.

Are Breaze products ok to use during pregnancy?
Breaze is a natural product but we haven’t tested it with expectant mums. As with any complementary therapy, please talk to your GP or midwife before using Breaze while pregnant.

Can I use Breaze products alongside conventional allergy medicines?

Yes. Breaze is safe to use alongside your usual treatment regime including antihistamine tablets and nasal sprays, eye drops and other allergy medicines.

Can I use Breaze products alongside other natural products?
Yes. There are some great natural products which people with allergies find very helpful. Breaze can be used safely alongside conventional medicines like antihistamines, nasal spray and eye drops. Other products designed to reduce the amount of allergens in the home can also be helpful. Allergy UK lists a wide range of products available to buy.

Are Breaze products suitable for children?
Breaze is safe for children from 2 years when used under adult supervision and according to the instructions

Can I use Breaze products instead of my usual allergy medicines?
Breaze was developed to use alongside conventional allergy medicines. However, some people prefer to use Breaze instead of their usual hay fever remedies when the pollen count is low or their symptoms are mild.
Are Breaze products safe for pets?
Breaze has been developed for human use and you should not use it to treat your pets' allergies. Always keep Breaze out of reach of curious cats, dogs and other domestic pets as some of the ingredients may be harmful if swallowed or if your pet is exposed to them in large quantities. When used according to the instructions your pets should not be adversely affected by any incidental inhalation but we would advise you not to use Breaze Vapour Oil in a diffuser or burner when pets are around.  If you have any specific concerns about the ingredients please do consult your vet for further advice. 

Are Breaze products tested on animals?

No, we only test our products and ingredients on willing human volunteers.

Breaze Vapour Oil

Can I apply Breaze Vapour Oil to clothing and bed linen?
No, it’s best to use a tissue or handkerchief to avoid staining. Also, please take care not to allow Breaze Vapour oil to come into contact with polished furniture or other surfaces which may stain or be damaged

Can I use Breaze Vapour Oil in a diffuser or aroma therapy burner?
Yes. Use Breaze vapour oil as you would use other aromatherapy oils. Add a few drops to the water reservoir to release soothing vapours into the air.

Can I rub Breaze Vapour Oil onto my skin?
No. Although it is certified as skin safe under IFRA guidelines, Breaze isn’t intended for direct application to the skin as it may cause irritation in people with skin sensitivity.

Can I add Breaze Vapour Oil to my bath?
Yes. Add a few drops to a warm bath to release soothing vapours while you bathe.

Breaze Motion Sensitive Pillowcase

How does the Breaze Motion Sensitive Pillowcase work?
Breaze pillowcases harness the power of AromaCap™ technology to provide a continual release of soothing vapours all through the night while you sleep. Both sides of Breaze pillowcases are infused with millions of microscopic liquid-filled capsules. Each capsule contains Breaze vapour oil; a blend of 10 natural essential oils known for their therapeutic properties. As your head comes into contact with your pillow and moves during sleep, the micro-capsules rupture releasing a continual burst of soothing vapours to help you breathe easy and get a better night’s sleep.

My Breaze pillowcase does not smell anymore, is there a problem?
Before settling down to sleep, give your pillow a firm rub to activate the vapour release. The pillowcase is treated on both sides, If you find your pillowcase is not releasing, turn your pillow over to activate the other side. Breaze motion sensitive pillowcases are designed for a single use period of up to 14 nights. After this period, most of the motion sensitive capsules will have been depleted and you should replace with a fresh Breaze pillowcase.

What are Breaze pillowcases made from?
Breaze Motion Sensitive Pillowcase is made from 100% viscose which is a natural fibre. The viscose fabric we use is produced in a closed loop system which is gentle on the environment.

Is the Breaze pillowcase safe to use without a regular pillowcase over the top?
We don’t recommend using a Breaze pillowcase in direct and prolonged contact with your skin. It’s designed to be used under your regular pillowcase to minimise any potential allergic reaction for those with very sensitive skin. Although incidental skin contact should not lead to any problems, as precaution please wash your hands after handling your Breaze pillowcase

Can I wash my Breaze pillowcase and re-use it?
Breaze motion sensitive pillowcases are designed for single use period of up to 14 nights. After this period, most of the motion sensitice capsules will have been depleted and you should replace with a fresh Breaze pillowcase. You may wash and re-use the pillowcase as a pillow protector but it will not release therapeutic vapours after washing.

Are Breaze pillowcases recyclable or compostable?
Yes. Our pillowcases are made from 100% viscose which is a natural, compostable fibre. You can put them in your home composter or use them in the garden as grow bags or to collect weeds and grass cuttings. They can’t be recycled but it’s safe and environmentally friendly to put them in your normal household waste.