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Incredible. Within 48hrs gone are the itchy eyes, stuffy nose & dry throat. My daughter (and I) have also been sleeping like babies!

Ursula O. on Trustpilot

My daughter wakes up happy, clear headed and without having used a whole box of tissues throughout the night. Absolutely brilliant!

Emma K. on Trustpilot

Able to sleep better, wake without a stuffed up nose. She can enjoy the outside more than usual.

Thank you!

Sally R. on Trustpilot

I tried it out of desperation - I was very sceptical. It is magic! My son can finally breathe at night and sleep, he can go outside again and we love it.

Mrs Powell on Trustpilot

I was surprised at the difference in my daughter... it has dramatically reduced the symptoms, so life is so much better for her.

Vici Scott on Trustpilot

Had a remarkable, and immediate, effect on our eldest son. He is now sleeping soundly and no longer wakes up with streaming eyes and extremely blocked up.

Dean Facer on Trustpilot

The balm lasts for a full school day and has kept him breathing easy during sports day! We use the oil at night in his room to help him sleep.

Rachel Spain on Trustpilot

Ordered the pillowcases for my 12yr old grandson. They are amazing he said the 1st night he had slept so much better and he can breathe!!

Joy Fish on Trustpilot

What a game changer! Thank god we’ve found you. The pillowcases, turned my 6 year olds eyes from swollen shut to normal overnight. The drops on a tissue made sure he was able to function during the day at school.

Frances Worrell on Trustpilot

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It's hard to find effective hay fever treatments for younger kids. Children's hay fever medicines are mostly restricted to 6 or 12+ yrs. Breaze balm and pillowcase are suitable from 3 months. Breaze Vapour Oil is suitable from 2yrs. Plus they're easy and pleasant to use.

Not just for adults, for the whole family!

100% natural, every year Breaze helps thousands of children of all ages through pollen season - all day and all night.

Our Dual Action Barrier Balm, Vapour Oil & Pillowcase contain a unique blend of 10 natural essential oils. Used individually for centuries, combined they work together to help itchy, stuffy noses.

All day, as often as needed

Pop Breaze Vapour Oil on a tissue, hankie (or soft toy) to inhale the soothing aromas. Helps instantly.

Rub a little Barrier Balm around their nostrils before going outside. It's dual action, trapping up to 30% of pollen before it starts irritating little noses + contains our soothing essential oil blend to support easier more comfortable breathing.

Breaze is not a medicine, so older children can pop each into their school bag and use both independently.

For a good night's sleep

Our award-winning pillowcase liners go under a regular pillowcase. They're infused with a motion sensitive version of our original essential oil formula. Restless heads release the soothing aromas all night long for up to two weeks. Our pillowcases help them (and you!) get a good night's sleep.

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    As a parent, our founder knows how hard children's hay fever can be to manage...