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In trials 82% say Breaze Sleep helped - more than any other sleep products they had tried.

"I have never slept so well for about 20 years. It's fantastic. You have really helped me finally get a good night's sleep."

Chris W.

"The first product of many, many that has helped. I fell asleep before my sleep story finished and slept for 8 hours solidly!"

Katie R.

Using Pillow Mist for several days and already benefit. When I wake during the night, I easily fall back into a restful sleep.

Elaine H. on Trustpilot

often wake up around 3am and struggle to get back to sleep. Pillow mist is the one thing that helps.

Ingrid M. on Trustpilot

"Unbeknown to my husband I was spraying my pillow, after a couple of weeks he said "I can't believe I've been sleeping so well lately." I fall straight to sleep. My husband isn't snoring."

Cyan W.

The best sleep spray I've ever tried, it smells so good I bought 3 bottles!

Coleen C. on Trustpilot

Natural, proven sleep support.

82% Say Breaze Sleep is Better

In independent controlled studies by the University of Lincoln, participants were twice as likely to say our essential oil formulation worked for them vs a control.

In trials, 82% of 100 users said it was more effective than other natural sleep products they'd tried.

Formulated using 11 natural essential oils, each has been selected for its proven ability and centuries-long use to calm both body and mind.

Together they combine in this powerful formulation to help you sleep better.

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    82% say Breaze Sleep works

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