What is Breaze?

Breaze is an award-winning natural product to help tackle the effects of allergens day and night.

Whether it’s pollen, pets or dust that trigger your allergies, Breaze is the only drug-free, non-drowsy, natural healthcare range specially created to support you round the clock. It’s suitable for all the family and is 100% natural and sustainable.

Sound’s good! How does it work?

Breaze is a unique blend of essential oils with natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties to help ease your itchy, stuffy nose by day and help you sleep better at night. In trials 80% of people with hay fever say it helps.

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Great! How do I use it?

In the day use a few drops of Breaze Vapour Oil on a tissue or hankie. Breathe in the soothing vapours to interrupt tickly sneezing fits and ease a stuffy nose. Easy and convenient, take it anywhere for fast-acting first aid when allergens strike.

At bedtime Breaze Pillowcase is infused with millions of tiny Breaze microcapsules. Our clever motion sensitive technology releases soothing Breaze vapours all through the night for up to 2 weeks to help you breathe more clearly and sleep better.

After two weeks replace your Breaze pillowcase with a fresh one. Don’t worry, our microcapsules are plastic-free and our pillowcases are made from compostable natural fibres.

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