Breaze Motion sensitive pillowcase vapour oil and barrier balm with a pestle and mortar

Helping all day... and night!

Breaze Vapour Oil

Helps clear itchy, stuffy noses. Use on a tissue, a diffuser, or on a teddy for children.

Allergen Barrier Balm

Dual action! Traps pollen before it gets up your nose whilst you breathe in the soothing fragrance.

Motion Sensitive Pillowcases

Sleep better - restless heads activate the micro-encapsulated fragrance for more Zzz’s.

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Breaze Vapour Oil 10ml Bottle
Breaze Vapour Oil 10ml bottle front
Breaze Daytime Vapour Oil
Allergen Barrier Balm
Barrier Balm with lid ajar
Breaze Allergy Barrier Balm
Breaze Hankie made from recycled single-use plastic
Sample Vapour Oil 2ml bottle
Vapour Oil Sample 2ml