100% Natural.
A unique blend of over 10 pure essential oils, individually used for centuries.

Why aromatherapy?

Most of our customers have never used essential oils before, often skeptical about how powerful a natural vapour oil could really be. Plants and flowers have been used for centuries.

There are over 10 essential oils in our formula, each plays its part and the carefully balanced combination shows a positive effect for most people.

Will aromatherapy help you?

Probably, but not definitely.

  • 94% of reviews on Trustpilot are 4 or 5 stars*
  • More than 85% of all customers in our 2022 survey said Breaze helped.

Try Breaze - a one month supply of vapour oil, barrier balm and pillowcases is £18.95. Giving you the opportunity to try all 3 Breaze products day and night for 30 days.

Harness the power of nature within these essential oils.

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