Your bedroom may be affecting your sleep

It’s true when they say your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the nook where we escape from the relentless pace of our daily lives and recharge our bodies and minds.

Being attentive to your sleeping environment can promote high quality rest that we all know is vital for cognitive functions and overall health. A chaotic bedroom can cause an inconsistent routine, poor quality sleep and trouble concentrating throughout the day.

But don’t worry, we sat down with Professor Simon Durrant, Director of the Sleep and Cognition Laboratory at the University of Lincoln to let you know what you can do to make your bedroom your ultimate sleep environment.

Here’s his top do’s and don’ts for maxing your chances of some decent shut eye!

Professor Durrant says “an environment that is too light can disrupt your sleep as light affects your internal clock regulating your circadian rhythm. This internal clock then communicates with parts of the brain that increase alertness”, keeping you tossing and turning throughout the night.

Wondering how to fix this? Professor Durrant recommends “investing in blackout blinds to keep external light out of the picture”.

It’s a no brainer that noise can keep you awake at night, but did you know bedroom clutter can also be destroying your chances of some beauty sleep. A cluttered environment can lead to increased stress levels and difficulty relaxing. “Ensuring your bedroom and the space around you is clutter-free can help to relax and wind down in preparation for sleep” says Professor Durrant.

If you’re familiar of the dreaded feeling of attempting to sleep through the summer heat, this one’s for you. Apart from the uncomfortableness of sleeping in hot weather, Professor Durrant informed us that “we are also unable to regulate our body temperature in certain sleep stages. This means we are more likely to wake up if we are exposed to heat”. Wearing cool and breathable clothing, lowering the room temperature and braving a cold shower before bed are all ways you can reduce your body temperature to have a peaceful sleep.

If you feel like your bedroom needs a few alterations to become your ultimate sleep sanctuary, then make sure you’re following these tips. And get ready to experience your best sleep yet!