Helping Children's Hay Fever

There's no getting away from it, Kids' hay fever is especially miserable. Pollen peaks in the spring and early summer, often ruining warm weekends and fun times outside and co-inciding with important exams. Itchy, stuffy nose, irritated, tired and puffy eyes and a thick achy head are some of the symptoms. More common for boys than girls (although the gender split evens out in adulthood), it usually begins in childhood or in the teenage years. There's no 'magic cure' for hay fever and managing symptoms in younger children is tricky as most common hay fever medicines like antihistamines and nasal sprays are unsuitable for under 12s.

Here's how Breaze can help.

Breaze was created for a teenage boy...

Eight years ago our founder Sam was looking for ways to help her son, Theo. Living with allergies since he was very small (everything from pollen to horses), Theo needed something to help ease his hay fever discomfort during his GCSEs. Antihistamine tablets made him too drowsy and nasal sprays and eye drops were difficult and messy to use in school. His hay fever was keeping him awake at night too - at a time when he really needed to get good sleep.

Armed with an old aromatherapy book Sam began combining natural essential oils, to find something he could pop onto a tissue to help ease his itchy, stuffy nose, and to help him to breathe easier. When she discovered a formula that worked, friends asked to try it and she discovered it helped with their hay fever too. Four years later, after more testing and trials, Sam launched Breaze. In latest tests and customer research 93% of users say it helps them manage during hay fever season.

How does it work?

Breaze harnesses the natural therapeutic properties of carefully selected essential oils. It comes in a handy vapour oil, a pocket sized barrier balm and also a fragrance releasing pillowcase. The ingredients in Breaze include;

  • Lavender - a natural antihistamine.
  • Camomile - a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Clove Leaf oil - shown to inhibit allergic responses.
  • Lemon Oil - an antioxidant.
  • Eucalyptus  - a natural decongestant. 

See here for more details about the scientific evidence for our ingredients.

Natural & Easy to Use with Hay Fever in younger Children

Simply pop a few drops of oil onto a tissue or hankie - and children can inhale the fragrance, for instant comfort as often as needed.

With toddlers* or younger children parents often pop the oil onto a favorite teddy which can help on car journeys or when they are sleeping. The oil can be used in a diffuser too which can be helpful in a bedroom for a hour before going to sleep - adults often the oil in a diffuser on their desk during the day.

Breaze also comes in a barrier balm (using 100% beeswax). With the balm you simply rub a little around the nostrils to inhale the fragrance. Dual action, the balm will also capture those tiny allergens before they get up your nose!

Breathe Easier at Night

The same formula has been micro-encapsulated into our Motion Sensitive Pillowcases. As your child's head moves on the pillow the tiny capsules burst, releasing the soothing gentle fragrance which helps to  ease nighttime stuffiness.

Suitable for the whole family, not only children - Breaze is 100% natural and drug-free - so you can use it as little or often as you need.

Hay Fever in Older Children & Teenagers

The vapour oil and barrier balm are pocket sized and easy for an older child to use independently. Breaze is not a medicine so it doesn't need be handed in to a teacher or school nurse unless of course you feel your child isn't old enough to use it themselves.

Proud to be rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot, below are just some of the reviews specifically from parents.

"I have used the pillowcases, essential oil and barrier balm for both my son and me. The smell is lovely and is effective in helping with hay fever symptoms. Great solution for children. Deliveries are efficient and overall great service! Thank you." Lorna R.

"Summer for my daughter - what a nightmare when you have hay fever! Since having Breaze pillow cases and the oil, she has been able to sleep better at night and wake without a stuffed up nose. I’ve notice she’s not needed her eye drops as much either and can go and enjoy outside more than usual - thank you!" Sally R.

"This product is incredible. Within 48 hours of using the pillowcase and drops, gone are the itchy eyes, stuffy nose and dry throat. My daughter and I have been sleeping like babies! No more antihistamines, eye drops and nasal sprays, hurrah!!! Thank you Breaze.Ursula O.

"Brilliant products! I have tried EVERYTHING on the market over the years and nothing has worked as well as these pillow cases. My daughter gets the most benefit, she wakes up happy, clear headed and without having used a whole box of tissues throughout the night. Absolutely brilliant!Emma K.

"My son has had hay fever since he was 3 and it has gradually got worse. He is on now 12 and we pretty much spend 2 months a year shut inside as it aggravates his asthma. Breeze is one tool on our arsenal and I tried it out of desperation - I was very sceptical. It is magic! My son can finally breathe at night and sleep which makes such a difference. We use the oil in a vaporiser in the day when he is especially bad and also on a hanky. He can go outside again and we love it.Mrs Powell.

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* Breaze is suitable for children over the age of 2 when used under adult supervision and according to the instructions.
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