Dust, pet or pollen allergy? 94% of people say Breaze helps

Instantly soothe the discomfort of allergies and hay fever all day & all night. Rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot.

" The pillowcase is a life saver…

…After only 2 nights he’s had the best night sleep & woke up with no stuffy nose! I can’t thank you enough!"

5 stars from customer reviews

‘’So glad we gave Breaze a try…

…We wanted to find a solution before his GCSEs next year. We have used the pillow case, the balm and the oil in a diffuser. Not only does it work, it smells divine.’’

5 stars from customer reviews

"I am about to order some more…

…I thought I would try the Breaze pillow cases as I was desperate to help my son, and they have made a huge difference to how he is in the mornings."

5 stars from customer reviews

" Wow..just wow…

…ONE night of having the pillow case on and he slept like a baby! Amazing! Told all my friends about it as there’s loads of sufferers, hope it works for them too!"

5 stars from customer reviews

" It really was amazing!...

…the first night in months that I could breathe easily all night. No sneezing, no blocked nose and no husband threatening to send me to the spare room"

5 stars from customer reviews

"Highly recommend!!!

…The pillowcase - I had the best night's sleep I've had in a long time!!! The vapour oil - provides really quick relief!!! The balm - just a small amount around nostrils makes a big difference.”

5 stars from customer reviews

In our 2022 survey, 94% of customers said Breaze helps.

Backed by science

Test tubes with herbs and spices
Get one step ahead of your allergens. Hay fever is only half the story. Breaze allergen calendar sign up form

Easy to use. Suitable for children.


Immediately soothes itchy, stuffy noses - pop a few drops of Breaze vapour oil on a tissue and inhale. Use in a diffuser, in the bath, or parents sometimes pop onto a teddy!

For instant dual-action comfort, Breaze allergy barrier balm traps pollen before it gets up your nose and soothes itchy, stuffy nasal irritation.

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Breathe easier and sleep better with Breaze motion sensitive pillowcases. Soothing vapours are gently released all through the night as you sleep.

Try everything for 1 month, just £18.95

1 Month Day & Night Kit + Barrier Balm - Save 31%

1 Month Day and Night Kit with Barrier Balm

1 Month Day & Night Kit + Barrier Balm - Save 31%

Everything you need to enjoy Breaze at home and on the move for a month. Get two pillowcases, our balm and our vapour oil in a great value pack.
Regular price £27.45 Sale price £18.95 Save £8.50

What you get:

1 x Breaze Vapour Oil 10ml
1 x Breaze Allergen Barrier Balm
2 x Breaze Night-time Motion Sensitive Pillowcases

Save 31% vs buying individual items

Our best selling day and night kit gives you a 1 month supply of all 3 products. Breaze Vapour Oil (10ml) and Breaze Allergen Barrier Balm - both help itchy, stuffy noses throughout the day + 2 Motion Sensitive Pillowcases to help you sleep better, all through the night.

Made with love in the UK

made in the uk

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