Our Story

Using the natural power of essential oils, we create products to make everyday health problems more bearable.

How did it all start?

Sam started Breaze when her son, Theo was doing his GCSEs. Theo's been allergic to lots of pesky things all his life – dogs, horses, pollen, dust .....changing the loo roll. During his exams antihistamine tablets were making him drowsy in the day, and his hay fever was keeping him awake at night. Not a good combo when your future is riding on a good set of grades. Having worked at Boots for many years, Sam knows a bit about traditional remedies and aromatherapy. Armed with an idea and a stack of research papers she mixed a bunch of essential oils and gave them to Theo to sniff. The effect was instant and soon he was sneezing less, breathing easier and sleeping better.

After that we tested Breaze with 40 other hay fever sufferers and 80% said it helped them too. Encouraged by the positive feedback, we launched a range of products powered by the Breaze blend of essential oils. With two innovation awards under our belt and a controlled study with the University of Lincoln  underway, we’re well on the way to helping the 15 million people in the UK with hay fever and allergies to tackle their allergens more naturally. Sadly, Theo still doesn’t change the loo roll.