Our Story

Using the natural power of essential oils to make everyday health problems more bearable.

How did it all start?

Hi there, I'm Sam.

I first came up with the idea for Breaze while trying to help my son during his GCSEs. Theo is sensitive to all sorts of things  – cows' milk, eggs, dogs, horses, pollen, dust. All those are fairly easy to avoid but pollen is harder to escape. In the run up to his exams, he was struggling - sneezy and itchy in the day and his stuffy nose was keeping him awake at night. He was miserable, tired and stressed. 

I was desperate to find something natural to give him some extra support that worked day and night, but I couldn't find anything. I knew that some essential oils have good data for their natural therapeutic properties so I began by researching which ones might help support him to breathe easier and sleep better. Once I'd got a basic formulation I tried it on Theo and the effect was instant: he was sneezing less, breathing easier and sleeping better.

After that we tested Breaze with 40 other people and over 80% said it helped them too. Encouraged by the positive feedback, we launched a range of products powered by the Breaze blend of essential oils. We're a small company with a big wish - to give millions of people and children in the UK an extra natural way to help them breathe easier and sleep better leaving them more free to enjoy the spring and summer months in more comfort. 

Thanks for taking time to read our story. If you do decide to give Breaze a try, we'd love to hear your stories too!

Love Sam