Our Research

In June 2016, 41 people with mild-moderate hay fever took part in a user trial to test how helpful they found Breaze products. Each was given a motion activated pillowcase and tissues infused with Breaze Vapour oil.

  • Overall, 80% of participants told us that the products were either extremely or very helpful in relieving their symptoms.
  • 93% said that Breaze helped ease an itchy, irritated or blocked nose and eased their sneezing.
  • More than a third said Breaze helped with itchy irritated eyes and 25% said the products helped with puffy eyes.
  • 83% said they would recommend Breaze to others with hay fever.

Breaze products are now the subject of a further controlled study by the University of Lincoln’s School of Pharmacy to measure the extent to which people’s symptoms are alleviated. Results are expected in Summer 2019.

Breaze Was Most Helpful To Clear My Stuffy Nose And Provided Instant Relief

BM - Essex

I Really Liked The Products They Helped To Clear My Blocked Nose

NG - Cardiff

The Products Were Great! I Wish I Could Have More

LF - Cheshire

Using The Breaze Pillowcase Liner I Got My First Good Night’s Sleep In A Very Long Time

ES - Tyne and Wear

Breaze Really Helped Me To Sleep And In Turn Helped My Symptoms

DS - Essex

Please Make These Products Available Soon!

DJ - Hampshire

A Good Product, Easy To Use And No Side Effects!

HV - Surrey

I’ve Already Recommended Breaze To Several Friends Who Suffer Very Bad Hay Fever

LA - Cleveland

The Pillow Liner Helped Clear My Blocked Nose And Prevented Puffy Eyes The Next Morning

SR - Nottingham