Hay fever at night?

Breathe easier. Sleep better. 87% say Breaze helps.

Trustpilot Reviews

I have suffered with allergies all of my life which has got steadily worse as I have got older.

I cannot believe in just 2 days my constantly blocked and itchy nose is no longer blocked and nor do I feel awful because I haven't slept.

Keith on Trustpilot

I can honestly say it's such a relief to wake up without a stuffy nose, no sneezing fits and quite a clear head

Sam on Trustpilot

I’m finally free of antihistamines!!
After only a day I woke up feeling refreshed and better than I had in years!! I can’t recommend enough.

Dionne on Trustpilot

Incredible. Within 48 hours of using the pillowcase and drops, gone are the itchy eyes, stuffy nose and dry throat. My daughter and I have been sleeping like babies!

Ursula on Trustpilot

Fantastic product son woke up first time in 2 months not being blocked up and had full night sleep because he could breathe! Not overpowering and felt comfortable knowing it’s natural.

Gemma on Trustpilot

Sleep well. Wake up happy.

Restless 'hay fever' heads trigger the release of soothing vapours throughout the night, for easier breathing, less 'itch' and more sleep.

Sitting just inside your linen pillowcase, our Motion Senstive Pillowcase contains millions of microscopic capsules of Breaze Vapour Oil - natural antihisamine, anti-inflammatory and decongestant - gently released through the night.

Suitable for anyone over the age of 2.

Lavender Natural antihistamine
Chamomile Natural anti-inflammatory
Clove Inhibits allergic responses
Eucalyptus Natural decongestant
Myrrh Natural anti-inflammatory
Lemon antioxidant

Breaze Vapour Oil

You can also use Breaze Vapour Oil in a diffuser or vaporiser in the bedroom - a little extra helping to clear the airways before your head hits the pillow.

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