Children's Hay Fever

 Breaze for Children

Our vapour oil & pillowcases were created especially for children. Natural, drug-free and non-drowsy - Breaze helps to ease itchy, stuffy noses and make breathing easier - both during the day and through the night. Suitable for the whole family (children over 2), in trials 80% of people with hay fever said Breaze helped. Our Story

100% Natural Ingredients

Our unique blend of essential oils, with natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, come in a handy vapour oil and a pocket sized barrier balm (using 100% beeswax). To help at night Breaze has been micro encapsulated into a pillowcase made from natural viscose. You can learn more about our ingredients here.

Rated EXCELLENT on Trustpilot

"My son can finally breathe at night and sleep. We use the oil in a vaporiser in the day and also on a hankie. He can go outside again and we love it." Mrs Powell.

Easy to Use

In the day use a few drops of the vapour oil on a tissue or hankie and/ or rub the barrier balm around the nostrils. The soothing vapours calm and clear itchy, tickly, stuffy noses. Easy and convenient, some parents pop the oil onto a favourite teddy, or you can use it in a diffuser too. Since Breaze is not a medicine, older children can use Breaze themselves independently.

At bedtime the pillowcase sits underneath your linen and is infused with millions of tiny Breaze microcapsules. Our clever motion sensitive technology releases soothing vapours through the night for up to 2 weeks - for easier breathing and more sleep (for everyone). Parents of teenagers report a more fragrant smelling room too!


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"I began combining essential oils to help my son Theo during his GCSEs. When I found a combination that really worked, friends asked to try it, and it worked for them too. That was the start of what is now Breaze - it's truly amazing that what began as an experiment 7 years ago is now helping hundreds of other children, and adults, too." Sam, Founder

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