Is hay fever keeping you awake?

Blocked, stuffy, runny nose, sneezing, itchy nose & eyes are all signs that pollen is in the air. If it's not a common cold, then it's probably hay fever.

How Breaze pillowcases work

Infused with a blend of 10 powerful essential oils Breaze pillowcases help to clear and calm stuffy, itchy noses and eyes irritated by pollen, dust or pets.

Motion-sensitive, restless heads release the fragrance which includes natural antihistamine and natural decongestant, working all through the night for a better night's sleep. Zzzz.

Suitable for the whole family including babies from 3 months old.

Over 300 reviews on Trustpilot. 94% rated Breaze 5-star or 4-star. Here's why...

I have suffered with allergies all of my life which has got steadily worse as I have got older.

I cannot believe in just 2 days my constantly blocked and itchy nose is no longer blocked and nor do I feel awful because I haven't slept.

Keith on Trustpilot

I can honestly say it's such a relief to wake up without a stuffy nose, no sneezing fits and quite a clear head

Sam on Trustpilot

I’m finally free of antihistamines!!
After only a day I woke up feeling refreshed and better than I had in years!! I can’t recommend enough.

Dionne on Trustpilot

Incredible. Within 48 hours of using the pillowcase and drops, gone are the itchy eyes, stuffy nose and dry throat. My daughter and I have been sleeping like babies!

Ursula on Trustpilot

Fantastic product son woke up first time in 2 months not being blocked up and had full night sleep because he could breathe! Not overpowering and felt comfortable knowing it’s natural.

Gemma on Trustpilot

24/7 Breaze helps all day too!

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