Covid or Hay Fever? Latest ZOE study suggests it's hard to tell

The lastest UK based ZOE Covid study  lists the top 5 symptoms of the prevalent Covid Omicron BA2 variant - and they're very similar to hay fever.

Contribitors to the ZOE study, in December 2021-  just as the Omicron variant became dominant - revealed that the most common symptoms reported were:

Runny Nose
Sore throat

In fact, only 50% of people reported the classic three symptoms of cough, fever and loss of sense of taste & smell.

If you're a regular hay fever sufferer, the list will sound all too familiar. But just as tree pollen starts to circulate, how can you tell if it's the usual allergic reaction or Covid? Testing is really the only way to know for sure and as free testing is phased out this week in England, it'll be even more difficult to spot the difference.