Breaze Motion Activated Pillowcase

    Breaze Motion Activated Pillowcase

    Releases soothing vapours while you sleep
    1 x Breaze Motion Activated Pillowcase
    • Soothes itchy, stuffy nose
    • Continual, motion activated release
    • Gentle soothing aroma
    • Helps reduce puffy eyes in the morning
    • Single use lasts up to 14 days

    Contains Linalool, d-limonene, citral, geraniol and eugenol

      80% of people who tried Breaze during the hay fever season said it helped them to cope better

      Breaze Motion Activated Pillowcase

      Night-time first aid for itchy, stuffy noses.

      Breaze pillowcases harness the power of AromaCap™ technology to provide a continual release of soothing vapours all through the night while you sleep.

      Infused with millions of microscopic capsules filled with Breaze vapour oil; a blend of natural essential oils known for their therapeutic properties.

      As your head comes into contact with your pillow and moves during sleep, the micro-capsules rupture releasing a continual burst of soothing vapours to ease your itchy, stuffy nose helping you to breathe more clearly and get a better night’s sleep.

      Each pillowcase provides up to 14 nights clear, easy breathing all night long.

      1 pillowcase (lasts up to 14 days)

      Powered by AromaCap technology, Breaze pillowcases are infused with millions of tiny capsules filled with a blend of essential oils known for their therapeutic properties. The capsules get trapped in the pillowcase fibres and as your head moves on the pillow during sleep, they burst releasing the soothing vapours to help you breathe easy and sleep better.

      Breaze products are made in the UK from sustainably sourced natural ingredients. Our products and their ingredients have been tested only on willing humans, not on animals.

      Our micro capsules are made from edible gums and gels, they do not contain any micro-plastics.

      • Avoid direct contact with skin, eyes and clothing
      • Always use underneath your usual pillowcase
      • Keep out of reach of children
      • Not suitable for use during pregnancy
      • Not suitable for children under 2

      Carton – household recycling
      Pillowcase – currently not recyclable but we are working on it

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