Symptom Free Over GCSE’s was Lovely!

We won an innovation award for Breaze last week, which was really fantastic but when we get a recommendation like this on our Facebook page, I get a bigger buzz from it than I do from any trophy! It feels so good to be actually helping people! What a great way to end the week! #naturalhayfeverrelief #fabfridayfeeling 

Helen Nicholson  from Lincoln recommends Breaze:

This product is very effective, My son has severe hay fever and is on medication from the doctor, he also uses the Breaze products. (Pillow cases and oils). He went to stay at a friends without his pillow and the next day he was sneezing, swollen weepy eyes, running nose and felt awful for the first time this year! We didn't realise quite how effective the oil was until he had a night without it! Thank you Breaze to be symptom free over his GCSE's was lovely. I absolutely recommend Breaze, it works!