Get clear for take off! Reduce the stress of travelling with hay fever

Whether you’re making the most of the Mediterranean weather at home this summer or jetting off to even sunnier climes, you can never be sure if your hay fever will follow you.

Wherever you wander, when you’re knee deep in packing, finding passports, and keeping everything crossed for problem free travel, thinking about allergies may not be top of your getaway to dos. To take one thing off your list we’ve done the thinking with a few tips to help stop your allergies from derailing your holiday vibe.

Location, location, location

Beach, city, forest or countryside your choice of travel destination can make a real difference to whether you can escape your hay fever. No matter if you’re heading overseas or staying in the UK, you’ll be exposed to new allergens. Different plants, grasses, weeds and trees mean new types of pollen which could send your hay fever into overdrive. But if you’re lucky your immune system may not react in the same way to unfamiliar allergens and your allergies could be less of a problem away from home. Happy days!

Beach and island locations can be a haven from hay fever, especially if the wind direction is from the sea towards the land bringing fresher, cleaner air to coastal areas. City breaks on the other hand can have you streaming. Poorer air quality and pollution in cities does two things to pollen: The increased pollution traps spores in the air closer to the ground increasing the concentration which can trigger allergic response sooner. And there’s a double whammy – pollution causes city pollen to be even more aggressive triggering more severe allergic reactions.

Some like it hot

Choosing to escape the current UK heatwave for cooler climes can really help with hay fever and allergies. High temperatures can leave anyone feeling stuffy and restless, even without hay fever in the mix. If you’re not a sun worshipper a trip further north could be a great choice to escape the uncomfortable heat and your hay fever.

Check the pollen forecast for your destination so you can check and plan ahead for potential flare ups. is a great start point for pollen forecasts anywhere in the world.

Stock up - on your usual allergy medication – if flying pop some in your hand luggage so it’s easy to find.

Get clear for take-off - To help ease a stuffy nose ahead of your flight Breaze allergy balm and vapour oil are ideal for all the family from age 2. Pop some oil on a tissue and breathe in the soothing aromas before you board and during the flight - our aromatherapy blends supports clear easier breathing. For young children a few drops on a favourite teddy can help with stuffy noses and painful ears too. Both are small enough to take through security and they’re easy and convenient to use on the move.

Sleep soundly - pollen levels are highest first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Keeping bedroom windows closed helps minimise the amount of pollen coming into the room but could be uncomfortable unless you have air conditioning in your holiday accommodation. Pack a Breaze pillowcase to pop on your pillow to help ease the stuffy irritation for easier breathing and better sleep.

It acts as a pillow protector to reduce the effect of allergens in the bedding too. Used Breaze pillowcases make great stuff bags for dirty holiday laundry and they’re biodegradable and compostable too.

Here’s what Margaret about her hay fever holiday experience with Breaze:

“Holiday Saved!

Bought the balm for my husband to try to start off with as he really suffers with hay fever and doesn’t like to take lots of antihistamines. It worked really well, much better than the petroleum jelly or Vicks that he previously tried. So I got the oil, a hankie & another spare balm to take on holiday. Normally his hay fever can end up spoiling his holiday but not this time! A couple of oil drops on the hankie at night and balm on the nose has meant a comfortable holiday for him this year. And the smell is really pleasant & calming for me too. Thank you, so much”

Whatever your holiday plans, happy travels!