Case Study: Sara Thorp, Birmingham

Sara, 39, Birmingham
Mum to Lily (12) and Amy (10)
Married to Andy

Sara’s husband, Andy and daughter Amy both suffer from hay fever. Sara takes charge of making sure they’ve got a range of remedies to help them cope through the spring and summer months. They both rely on conventional antihistamines, eye drops and nasal sprays to manage their symptoms

“Amy gets a really itchy, irritated nose which she’s constantly rubbing and twitching! Her eyes get itchy too and her hay fever seems to make her really tired. Andy’s eyes get so irritated that he’s had to stop wearing contact lenses. He gets really bunged up and when he’s got hay fever he snores really badly!  We enjoy the outdoors and spend most summer weekends at our caravan in Malvern. Hot weather and a high pollen can really spoil the fun for Andy and Amy so I’m always on the lookout for anything new to help either of them.

“I really liked the idea of trying something more natural and I try to hold off dishing out the antihistamine tablets until we really need them. The pillowcase seems to help them both breathe easier and sleep better.  Andy snores less when he’s using it, which is an added bonus!

“Breaze smells lovely, and I think it makes me sleep better too even though I don’t have hay fever. “