Case Study: Mindy Arora

Mindy, 41, Lincolnshire
Founder of ASALI luxury leather goods
Mum to Hari (10) and Leela (8)
Married to James, an RAF display pilot

Mindy and Hari suffer from hay fever and dust allergies. They both rely on conventional antihistamines, eye drops and nasal sprays to manage their symptoms.

“I get really itchy eyes and nose and I get a bit wheezy too. Hari is constantly wiping his noise up his sleeve which drives me mad! My hay fever can make me feel really groggy and I’m always on the lookout for anything new.

“I really liked the idea of trying something more natural and Breaze seems to help both of us.

“I love that it’s a drug free option that we can use on its own when symptoms are mild or alongside the usual medicines on high pollen days. Getting Hari to use eye drops can be really tricky so anything less invasive is really helpful. I find we need to use fewer medicines when we’re using Breaze too.

“Breaze smells lovely, not like a medicine which is what I like most of all. It’s really comforting and calming, more like a treat really. I’ve even bought some as a gift for a friend! And it really works to ease the itchiness in my nose and throat.

“The pillowcase is great for Hari. It seems to really help him to breathe easier and sleep better.”