Case Study: Fiona Groves

Fiona, 55, Nottinghamshire
Works for the Forestry Commission but currently on a career break
Mum to Ben (23) and Sam (20)
Married to Phil, property developer

Fiona has suffered with skin allergies for much of her life, but as she has got older these have been more prevalent, sometimes with quite severe reactions to spores, dust and pollutants in the environment. She has also started to suffer from hay fever, and sneezing fits for no apparent reason are common. Fiona has a number of food intolerances, which she now controls with careful diet management including following a FODMAPS approach to eating.

“Breaze definitely helps to clear my airways whilst sleeping and I seem to be sniffing less at night. I often have a big sneezing episode each morning when I wake up but since using the pillowcase I’ve noticed that it’s much better.” “The vapour oil is great for when I’m out and about. I enjoy being outdoors so my hay fever can be a real problem. The oil is so easy to use and it really helps with my itchy nose. It smells great too.”

“It’s taken a long while to pinpoint my triggers but I now have much more understanding of what might set things off. I do prefer a more natural approach which is why Breaze is so appealing.”