Are you allergic to your home?

If you are still feeling like you have a touch of hay fever, or your seasonal sniffle just won't shift, then it could be 'home fever'.

We are all spending far more time indoors and at home at the moment. As the heating goes on, it's really important to keep your home well ventilated and keep humidity low. Allergens in the home become more active every October - dust mites, mould spores and animal dander, causing millions of people to feel hay fever symptoms, just without the pollen. So, if you're feeling like you've got a lingering cold (because it can't be hay fever in October!) then you are almost certainly suffering from 'home fever'.

NHS Choices report that indoor allergies are very common affecting around 10-20% of the population.


Covid-19 means we are all home, indoors, more than we might be normally, so here are a 5 tips to help you ease the sneeze caused by indoor allergens during the coming months.

1. Do a bit of extra cleaning

It will make a difference. Vacuum more often, especially on beds and fabrics to reduce those pesky dust and pet allergens.  Wiping dust surfaces with a damp cloth will also help prevent particles dispersing into the air.

2. There's nothing lovelier than fresh linen

Washing bedding regularly will help too, making sure you get a better nights sleep.

3. Preen your pet

'Dander' is a bit like dandruff but comes from animals. Give your pet a groom, ideally outside!

4. Do you have to sleep with your pet?

It might be time to keep pets out of the bedroom, if you want to reduce those pet allergens from disturbing your sleep.

5. Find your Breaze

Hay fever season might be over but Breaze helps in just the same way with home or pet allergies. Add some Breaze oil to a diffuser, or pop some on a tissue. It can really help keep your airways clear. Use a diffuser in your bedroom shortly before bedtime - and of course our pillowcases really help to ease nighttime stuffiness.

P.S Don't forget that our pillowcases wear out after 2 weeks (but they are biodegradable and perfect for collecting those Autumn leaves).